At AKB Construction Limited we offer ground based spraying services including boom spraying of large areas, and gun spraying of weeds such as gorse and blackberry. We place a big emphasis on correct procedures to minimise or eliminate any impact on people or the environment, when dealing with chemicals.                            

Boom spraying is carried out with a lightweight and nimble Hilux based unit with a 15m span, computer controlled application rate, and GPS guidance. Advantages are low ground pressure, excellent coverage and efficient use of chemicals with minimal overlap and wastage. Prices are charged per hectare and vary depending on the size of the job and the water rate.


Any type of liquid spraying can be undertaken including herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, liquid fertilizers as well as other things like Pro Gibb. A strict triple rinse procedure is adhered to between types of spraying to ensure that cross contamination does not occur at all.                    

Gun spraying is charged by the hour at a very reasonable rate that includes machine hire, labour and fuel. Chemical used is charged on top, or you can supply. The Hilux based unit is fast and nimble and we have a high flow transfer pump that further reduces down time, so that more time is spent spraying weeds and less time moving around and filling up. Most commonly we are asked to kill gorse and blackberry but can assess the killing of any weed that is bothering you.